The magical world of hairstyles pervaded all historical periods, and has always played a prominent role in various societies. By observing hairstyles on paintings, sculptures and photographs, we can determine the period, social status and age of people depicted on these works of art. Throughout the history, as well as today, hairstyles have always been revealing a lot about people. History of hairstyling makes an integral part of basic hairdressers’ knowledge and education, which allows them to create and develop new trends. If we combine new technological developments and trends within the chemical industry with our knowledge of history of hairstyling, we can find inspiration in the tales from the past and add glamour to the future.

Our educational courses will help you raise the quality of your work and clients’ satisfaction, as well as bring new clients to your salon. A new approach to working practices and education will help you solve many of your everyday’s problems, and open up new horizons.

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